Refractive Lens™ TECHNOLOGY.

MC, Montana. (Co-owner International Management corportation, 6-11-03 NightMove® lenses worn since 2002. -3.25 OU originally. Now pl OU with 20/15 UCVA OU. Still wears as of 2004) “My lenses are still awesome. I feel so smug having these lenses when I see people who are wearing theirs for 18 hours a day. I just luv these little babies!!!!”

MM, Oregon, Enterpreneuer, 11-24-2000, NightMove® lenses worn since 1999. -10.00 with some cylinder. OU. Now UCVA 20/40OD and 20/40 OS. Still wears as of 2004 “We want to refer more patients to you for this amazing procedure. I still can’t believe that I can function most of everyday with no correction at all on. I thank God everyday for what you have done for me. Thank you! It is so freeing, I don’t even know how to describe it.”

PH, Assistant to Dean at a university, Oregon, 6-26-01, AstigMove™ lenses worn since 1999, UCVA 15 OU. Still wears as of 2004 “ I got busy and didn’t fill you in on my exam here at the University. Not a surprise, I came in at 20/15, which is, consistent with my chart notes with you. My intern was duly impressed, and said she thinks she wants to try OK(has been considering LASIK).”

John K, Owner marketing firm, Oregon, 10-20-95, NightMove® lenses worn since 1993. Still wears as of 2004 “You unlike my first doctor, listened to my goals and understood. You promised major improvement in unaided distance vision, but you did not promise perfection. That impressed me. Your system works. The results for me were immediate and lasting. One final thought…though your program is expensive, there is no downside risk, except loss of time and money. When it comes to an eye, I’ll take those odds any day.

J K, Technical manager, Oregon, 1998, NightMove® lenses for 7 months. Still wears as of 2004
“I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my Orthokeratology lenses. I started OK therapy 7 months ago and saw my vision change from a -3.75 prescription to perfect 20-20 vision in only a few days. As a long time glasses wearer, I am thrilled to be able to go through the entire day without my old glasses. Thank you so much.”

T H, Attorney, Oregon, 7-27-99, NightMove® lenses. Still wears them as of 2004
“ I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoy my Ortho-K contact lenses. “
“I truly believe that once people have a choice between your lenses and surgery, when there is an alternative that is so simple and effective. I cannot thank you enough for the difference you have made for me. I will continue to tell everyone I know that wears some kind of prescription lenses to come and learn about your work. Simply put, it is amazing.”

RU, Oregon, 12-7-99, “Thank you very much for fitting me with these Orthokeratology contacts---they are GREAT!!!!! I love being able to put these in at night, go to sleep, take them out in the morning and be able to see 20/20 all day! It’s just amazing!”

VM, 9-18-2001, Still wears NightMove®as of 2004. “Was so tired last night and my vision was so perfect, I TOTALLY forgot to put my lenses in. First time that has ever happened! Woke up this morning and my vision was not very good, so I popped the lenses in at 6AM and then took them out around 1PM. Now I have great vision again. It still amazes me how this all works!”

JP, 8-9-2001, Still wears HyperMove® as of 2004. Was a +3.25 and +3.75 hyperope. Now Plano and +0.25.
“ I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for your help with ortho-k. I am not sure if I expressed my pleasure yesterday with the results of yesterday’s check up. “ thank you again”.

BL, 3-21-2002, NightMove®. Still wears as of 2002 “ The NightMove® lenses have been nothing short of a miracle as far as I am concerned. Before wearing the NightMove® lenses the big “E” on the eye chart was blurry. After wearing the lenses for 12 hours the first night my vision was good enough to drive without correction. I can’t think of another event in my life that would compare to the overnight results I experienced. I am currently wearing the lenses about 8 hours each night but even when I get home late and only wear them for 5 or 6 hours my good vision is maintained throughout the day.”

M M, 6-11-02, NightMove®, Still wears as of 2004. “I suffer from slight allergies at times.” “After the first night of wearing the Orthokeratology lenses I was still a little skeptical but it sure felt good not to have to wear lenses during the day. By the second day I was sold. My eyes do not itch. It is truly remarkable. It gives me a feeling of freedom to be able to see without contacts and glasses. I actually think it has lifted my spirits not be confined by the rims of my old glasses and constantly changing narrow field of vision. My field of clear vision seems much broader now enabling me to take in more of what is going on around me. I certainly hope this technology will be implemented by more doctors so folks like me can enjoy the freedom to SEE!


Refractive Lenses™ ARE SAYING:

Dr. D W. , Washington -- “it is an honor to work with you on these lenses. They are way beyond the _ _ _ lenses I have tried.” 11-7-03

Dr. R.H. Washington --“My patient LC, has done exceptionally well with her NightMove® Ortho-K lenses. She really loves them and the resultant vision is 20/20 in both eyes!” 10-1-02

Dr. D.P. Oregon -- “I sat with my partner through a lecture on the CRT FDA approved lens. We both said, we can do this stuff in 2 days with Tabb’s lens design and this outfit says it takes a month for their len.”.. 10-30-01

Dr S.V. Washington --“ I have been using your lenses for 3 years. I can say that I have had 100% success with them. I have used both the NightMove® and the HyperMove™ and they are great technology”.

Dr. J.B , Wyoming -- “ Dr. Tabb I have literally had a 100% success in my practice with your NightMove®, ConeMove™ and other lenses. I must say I can’t believe this hasn’t exploded yet. It is too good to be true”.

Dr. M.S. , Oregon -- “ I have been using your lenses since 1998. Great technology. I have at least 95% success with the NightMove® lenses.”

Dr. D, Australia -- “Roger, we have used every lens on the market for Orthokeratology and without question, yours are superior to any of them. There is no comparison.”